Hua Hin

If you are the one who is looking for attractions during the weekend. (Holiday, very little …) We recommend “Hua Hin” resting place for those who have less. Because it is not very far from Bangkok, is located in Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Hua Hin” is the resting place of the oldest resort in Thailand But that is just the old fishing village. Has been changed and become a place to relax next the sea Top hits of the moment. Now, “Hua Hin” The Leading Hotels and Resorts and many Whether it is a resort village itself. Or a five-star resort. Historically the charm of Hua Hin remains a unique attracting tourists. Way to relax throughout the year …

… … Hua Hin Hua Hin … When it comes to “Hua Hin” Many people think, but the sea. See the sea … See the sea … See the sea … Actually, that “Hua Hin” There are interesting tourist attractions around the city much more tired my. That we go over that well with each other to see where some …

Maruekhathayawan the palaces.

Rama 6 Please provide demolished Hat Chao Samran Palace, the newly planted last year 2466 has been dubbed. “The Royal Palace of Love and Hope” as a two-story wooden Palace. Facing out to sea. Palace on the right wing parties. The left wing is the part of officials. Lord Hall includes three interconnected throughout. “Hall Sunthorn Paradise” is the presence of Her Royal Oinrnseudit Sajee Want Chaya “Pisan Sakhon Hall, a residence of King Rama VI.

Hall is among the middle consists of different rooms. His posture for pleasure. My room, colleagues who served close His letters and his room, “Hall Esyuamreit Club” is a roomy two-story building used as an open meeting on various occasions. And a theater. They used to play a major exhibition is the second time on Phra Ruang. Marriage and the ocean.

Maruekhathayawan the palaces. The museum is open daily between 08:00 to 16:00 pm for visitors and groups. Must be in writing to the director of special training division Rama VI Camp Cha-am district, Phetchaburi province Tel. (032) 471388, 471130.

Palace, home gun

Royal Palace houses a gun or Rama. King Rama V. His intention to create by His Majesty the property. To the palaces. For residence in the rainy season. Whereas His Majesty. The purchasing of the people. And Field Marshal HRH Princess Ship Princess her family. Boripat foresight Union. Phra Nakhon Sawan Department Want to suggest With HRH Prince Krom Phraya her family held Rajanupab. Construction management is แamnuoong. Construction of European architecture. Cars designed by Mr. Elder scattering German

Construction began in the year 2452 was completed in the year 2459 in the reign of King Rama VI. King called. Sorn Castle Hall Petch. And he transformed into a “Rama Palace,” the year 2461 as a state guest accepted. In the reign of King Rama VII. Whereas His Majesty. To be used as the location of the school director Scouts. School Teacher agriculture Prachabre school district, etc..

Visits to a letter in advance to the Provincial Commander of the Army Battalion, 11th Infantry Regiment, 3rd District, Muang, Phetchaburi 76000 or may contact the Guard card exchange for a casual visit.
Hua Hin Railway Station. (Pavilion station).

“Hua Hin railway station is one of the oldest railway station in Thailand that is unique to the train station, this is a Thai pavilion in the striking architecture. The field has moved from the palace Chan. In the reign of King Rama 6 had a beauty of the architecture and art. The one you see will be impressed. Station remains open until today (wow …).

He flint

The city and bay views Hua Hin one of the most beautiful. Consists of several points of view. The key is the shrine is a statue of King Rama VII also local garden centers are birds store food and beverages, etc. from the center of Hua Hin is located to the west at about 3 km range. suitable for viewing the early morning sun and a butterfly park, flower garden on the hill and see View Point Golf Course Hua Hin town and the sea (standing views on love is not nice light Impact Impact.)

Khao Takiab Akornlas.

The temple is located on a hill, which extends into the sea. Located 6 km south of the city within the temple area shady and cool with Kuan Yin statue is enshrined. A point overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Hua Hin at one point. Around him, chopsticks have accommodation and restaurant offering several. And a small mountain, two children close together. Away from Hua Hin, about 14 miles to the south with his chopsticks rock projecting into the sea. The beauty ideal for relaxing as possible. And a beautiful view point as well.

His glass box.

Behind City Hall, despite a steep ramp, but to the mountain. But up to then accepted value. It will have views of the city, Prachuap Khiri Khan And north of the mountain like a box frame, glass is called “his glass box” is also important on his relics are enshrined. Buddha and simulation.

Suan Son Beach Pradiphat.

Away from Hua Hin, south of about 9 km from the junction at Km 240 Petchkasem Road, go about 500 meters from the bus to Hua Hin Suan Son beach every 20 minutes there is a bungalow style row house accommodation and rooms. to serving tourists as well.

Lion Island.

Situated away from the shore about 800 meters to Suan Son small island. A popular fishing and diving. Contact Rent a boat in the village of Khao Takiab.


Hua Hin Beach.

Male Beach tourist hotel which is the famous resort city of Thailand. With crystal clear water, clean sand, the atmosphere is a dream and has been popular with visitors for all ages.

Hua Hin Market.

Is a colorful night life of Hua Hin. Every evening the tourists, both Thai and foreign tourists to visit is always circular. It is a source of food panel, all kinds of Thai food and seafood, Thai desserts, prepared fresh roti Guests also have the choice of souvenirs available in plenty.

Suan queen

The new parks, the beach of Hua Hin 19, Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin 2 km before the town is a recreational place. And activities. With easy listening music. Every evening on Friday.

Pa-la-U Waterfall.

Size 15 beautiful waterfalls middle class rich tropical rain forest. Located in Tambon Nong Plab miles from the center of Hua Hin district to the west about 60 miles in the care of the Kaeng Krachan National Park. Water flow throughout the year. It is home to a butterfly abundance. The ideal time to travel is during the morning about 7:00 to 10:00 am due to cool weather and a chance to see wildlife. Including many kinds of rare birds such as hornbills.

Sam Roi Yod National Park.

Located in most of King Sam Roi Yod. According to legend, says former Marine with many islands. Chinese junk boat trip through the trade and update the camp down. Crew swim ashore survivors fled to 300 people are named. He survived three hundred, then a distortion. “Khao Sam Roi Yod, which coincide with the manner in which the limestone terrain 4 myriad sure enough. The first is a Marine Park.

With area of 98 square kilometers. Landscape consists of limestone mountains and intricate canal flood plains. Nong Tung has emerged as reptiles, fish plants. Amphibian Khang Southern chamois glasses birds, including migratory birds and resident birds, as many as over 300 species of wetland ecosystem that is complete and is important at the national level.

Oh … this is just part of the attractions we’re bringing in. I leave only the “Hua Hin” There are attractions like many waiting for you to touch yourself … I say that to really know … e Drinks For more information and details of tourist attractions. At the following telephone number in..

Tourist Information Centre. Tel .0-3253-2433.
Tourism Central Region 2 (TAT) Tel. 0-3247-1005-6.
Police call .0-3251-5995.
Office address details at the Valley Tel. 0-3251-1063.
Honor Cross station. Tel .0-3251-10124.
Hua Hin Bus Station. Tel .0-3251-1654.
Hua Hin Railway Station. Tel .0-3251-1073.
Hua Hin Bus Terminal (Bus Station) Tel: 0-3251-1230.
Hua Hin Airport Tel. 0-3252-0343.
Office of Immigration. Tel .0-3251-3574.
Meteorological Station Hua Hin. Tel .0-3251-1172.
Central Hua Hin with help. Tel .0-3251-9111, 191.

Travel information.

By car in 2 directions.

- Thonburi – Pak Tho (Highway 35) via Samut Sakhon, Samut Songkhram, turn left onto Petchkasem Road (Highway 4) via Phetchaburi, Hua Hin to about 2 ½ hours.

- Line through Nakhon Pathom, Ratchaburi, Phetchaburi Buddhist for about 3 hours.

By bus

From Southern Bus Terminal. Bus There are two types of Level 1 and 2 air conditioning is a major district park only only The two air conditioning to stop parking on the way by the passengers.

Air conditioning 1.

B. Poudean tour. Tel .02-435-5302.
B. Hua Hin – Pran Tour. 02-884-6191-2.
02-435-5105 Bang tour.

Air conditioning 2.

02-437-7414 car share service.

By train

A train to Hua Hin every day. Start the Hua Lam Phong Tel. 02-233-7010, 02-223-7020.

From the station, Thonburi – Bangkok Noi Tel. 02-411-3104.

By airplane.

By Bangkok Airways. A flight Bangkok – Hua Hin 1 way calls per day. 02-229-3456-63.