Whatever whether is winter, summer or rainy season the waters of the beautiful white sand beach. “Koh Chang” (Elephant Island) the one of very popular island continued to be places of extremely hot commercial suicide on the top of Thailand’s who I want to relax I think the island is. on throughout the year. Beauty of each season varies from island.
Koh Chang is the second largest in the country after Phuket. There’s a small island, the Big Island over 52 islands to choose from that will go anywhere I stroll on the island as well as the activities do not have to love the island, but no settlements housing community. If it is important, as a hurricane shelter harbor. As a source of food supplies. And fresh water, especially in Salak Phet or Ao Salad is well known among pirates Chinese Hainanese and Vietnamese present on the island with people living in eight villages and an area totaling 650 square kilometers, the island has an area of ​​up to 268,125 acres or approximately 429 square kilometers.
Conditions on the island by the middle of the island is mountainous area. And rainforests. The plains along the edge of the bay to the beach island before. These plains are mostly rubber plantations and coconut groves such as rambutan, durian, pomelo, etc., as well as open. Koh Chang. Travellers. But most of the island is mountainous area with rock complexity. Condition. He is a rainforest. The highest peaks, including Mount Salak up to 744 meters (Oh. .. do it very high), followed by the Central and the castle fragrance which these mountains. The source of the river that causes many waterfalls on this island itself.
Tourist attractions on the island include …
White Sand Beach.
The very long beach. Plus white equation. In the south of the island, close to Salak Phet. Is a bay with a sandy stretch. Visitors can swim through the reef. Or rent a bicycle. Motor side. I do not ride as well. It is a well-paved road. Length parallel to the beach. Access to other beaches. There are a number of bungalows. The road around the island, close to the beach. At night the lights of restaurants, pubs, bars, and affordable accommodation comment!
Klong Prao Beach.
Klong Prao beach is next. Long continued to Kai Bae Beach. At the north end of Klong Prao Laem Chai Chet attached. The sharp rocks. Overlooking beautiful. I can not swim. There are many bungalows for rent. The rooms are standard. And the facilities available.
The beach is very long and has a gradient. Activity or sport can have on the beach. The beach is wide and clean, the north end of the island. The site of Chai Chet Cape. A sharp stone unique. (I was surprised to see it), watch the sunset, a beautiful beach on the island.
Klong Son Bay.
A large bay. On the north side of the island west of the island has white sand beaches. Long Beach is very beautiful. Ideal for swimming as the saying … It’s personal. Few people as well. And the community of Ban Klong Son. The bay is an underwater reef near (ok I wanted to draw it).
Kai Bae Beach.
Kai Bae Beach is a stretch of Klong Prao. This is a popular beach north of the beach. I can swim safely. (Carefree comfort) with cheap bungalows for rent in town. Some mountain bikes for rent. Beach overlooking the islands pepper. Koh Man Nok and Koh Man Nai.
Bai Lan Bay.
Adjacent to the sidewalk across from Kai Bae mountain walk from Kai Bae Beach is about one hour on the way to see beautiful views of the mountains. Ao Bai Lan is a quiet sandy beach ideal for swimming. Get plenty of rest and the quiet.

Bang Bao, a fishing village to do. Residential land by planting the pole into the sea. To each other along a bridge (Oh. .. I then drew a) the ancestors of the people who are mostly descended from the Salak. A simple life with a small coastal fishing. Squid is abundant fragrances. The point here is that at the end of the island. A coral underwater. There are package tours to the island such as Koh Chang, Koh Kham, Koh Mak, Koh Rang, etc. to choose from.
Travelers who come to eat seafood is fresh here. The villages along the way are souvenirs of people lined. For visitors to browse and shop on the paste, fish sauce, dried shrimp, salted fish, especially of the name.
Tharn Mayom Waterfall.
Than Mayom Waterfall behind the island. Away from Headquarters to 0.1 bisexual (Mayom) to about 400 meters across the entrance to the Unit. Passage into the mortar. Through groves of natives. Walking through the park, about 500 meters into the center of a 4-storey waterfall, a stream flowing through the layer. The black granite stone. Are almost perpendicular cliffs surrounding the rainforest. Air cooling comfort. Ideal for camping and waterfalls.
The reign of King Rama 5 and 6, had come aboard to this waterfall. The monogram Hpr., And Wpr. Carved on the cliff of the waterfall. Also in the nearby fishing village with a mangrove forest. Abundant and is the largest mangrove forest of the island is the village of Salak Khok. Community’s traditional way of life, which is interesting.
Baan Salak Khok.
I carved stalls located in the eastern area of ​​the island. In the district of Koh Chang. A coastal fishing village that has maintained traditional cultural ways of life already. It also has the largest mangrove forest on the island is 650 acres of the historical King Rama 5 had visited his residence and footprint. To build the temple and the temple engraved with the Royal Court than “The threat Watcharas NHA continent”.
I have engraved pens engraved pens folk club tour. There will be plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy such as boating, kayaking, nature Salak Khok Bay. Or take a boat ride to the Gulf of engraved pens. And is the coolest. Boat evening. Nightlife of Ao Salak Khok. And dinner on board. We call it romantic.
Klong Plu Waterfall.
Cloud mountain waterfall pool or waterfall Klong Phu, which may be derived from a hilltop. “Mountain Cloud Heaven”, which King Rama 5 who came aboard the second time in the island. Away from Ao Prao, about 3 km from away from Klong Prao Beach, 3 kilometers from the trail for about 20 minutes, is a large waterfall on the most beautiful part of the island is divided into three levels, with a waterfall over a cliff into a pool behind. throughout the year.
Waterfall Rd.
Waterfall Rd. Located northeast of The island has a small waterfall. I like the waterfall. The walk from the new checkpoint about 3 km from the National Park Ranger 0.1 bisexual (Mayom) to a distance of about 4 km.
Ao Salak – Ban Chang.
The largest bay on the island. It is the oldest and largest community on the island is located in the south of the island. The villagers make a living fishing. The island and the surrounding mountains shelter waves well. The village is the oldest temple of Wat Salak Phet built in the reign of King Rama 5 of his trip on the island. And Ao Salak Phet is the largest on the island. There are around. Salak Phet is the homestay accommodation. Salak has spread in the community. The center of a simple model of the community in different ways. And food service.
Orgtean home.
Is a small community located in Salak Phet. In the south of the island. To popular view here. When you go to see a summit Salak cloud cover. Coco Island in the eastern mountain area and large spikes. If you walk up the hill to the Abbey in October Banphot will bring better views of the bay latch all diamonds.
Khiri Phet Waterfall.
Statue Diamond water falls is located in Koh Chang. A tiered waterfall. Deep of Chang Ban. Prior to the 0.3 SR and bisexual (Chang) about 4 km to the signposted Khiri Phet Waterfall on the right. Through a rubber plantation, a distance of about 3 km, which is very high waterfall. Can be seen from some of the villages of Salak. People of the village using water from the waterfall to the consumer.
Koh Chang Naval Battle Area.
Koh Chang Naval Battle Area. In the south of the island. Chang Chang Ao Salak Khok Bay Area is the second page of the history of the struggle to defend the sovereignty of Thailand on January 17, 2484 Thailand Navy to repel the invaders to retreat to. If Thailand had lost fleet. And the courage to number one. Thailand military exploits have been written down. And remember, the 17th of January every year at Memorial Battle of Koh Chang, Trat district.
Koh Chang for it. It has a wide choice. Such as hotels, resorts, bungalow or villa is a simple and affordable facilities. Ask for details. Koh Chang. More. Home services.
The National Marine Park. Natural Resources Conservation Office, Royal Forest Department, Phaholyothin Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Tel +66-2561-2919-21. Or the island. Ban Laem, Amphoe Laem Hin Ta Waiter District, Trat 23120 Tel +66-3953-8100.
Through the fee for Koh Chang is Thailand Adult 40 baht, Child 20 baht for foreign adults 200 baht, accommodation and facilities. The park is home contact details. +66 2562 0760.
Koh Chang.
Getting to Koh Chang can be reached as follows: …
1. Trip to Koh Chang bus.
Trat – the park office (Trat) by car. Distance of about 16 km trip takes about 30 minutes to travel by boat from the port of Laem.
2. Trip to the island via ferry from Port Laem Chang.
Laem district. The ride to the island port 3 and port …
+ + Jetty Trat – Koh Chang (home Mayom).
You can travel by water bus. Or charter boat hire. It takes about 45 minutes.
+ + Jetty Trat – Koh Chang (Ao pineapple).
You can travel by water bus. Or charter boat hire. Fees for vehicle four wheel driving cross to Koh Chang to charge it at 150 baht and for the price another 60 baht for travel time is about 45 minutes boat out every 30 minutes to go from 07.00 -. 19.00 back to 07.00 – 18.00 For more information, call +66 3959 7143, +66 3959 7434, +66 3952 1661.
+ + Jetty Trat – Koh Chang (the old home port).
You can travel by water bus. Or charter boat hire. Port of Laem is located approximately 500 meters to the south to price fares to 120 different 4-wheel drive access to and use of travel time is about 45 minutes boat trip from 06.00 – 19.00 on return time. 6:00 to 19:00 am For more information, call +66 3953 8196.
Or adapted to travel by boat. The boat ride takes about 45 minutes, with 50 boat every hour from 08.00 – 17.00 boat from Koh Chang has made several trips from 07.00 – 16.00
3. A trip on the island.
Can take a minibus to the need. Traveling on a minibus from the port of the island to the beach, Klong Prao, Kai Bae Beach, rates the cost of 30 baht to charter and agree on the price before you go.